I have lived in Edinburgh for over 6 years now and I still feel like a tourist sometimes. I feel like I’m on an interesting journey most of the time. So I created two illustrations from two of my favourites places in Edinburgh. One is the Shore which is full of barges, great looking buildings, great bars and even better restaurants. So I illustrated a small section of the shore for exhibition at Hula Juice Bar and Gallery. But I hope in the future I can illustrate more parts of the Shore.

Me and my husband Chris often thinking about wish one day can live in this area. But as more and more tourists visit Edinburgh, also, more and more foreign students study and live in the city centre. We found the price of live in the city centre are getting impossible for us to live. So Edinburgh city centre is really beautiful but it’s really only for the tourists. Poor local like us have to move quite far out and comes to Edinburgh city centre during weekend for “visit or tour”.

Edinburgh Illustration Postcards

The other area I illustrated is Canongate Kirk. I’ve always found Canongate Kirk is like a building from a fairytale. I have visited this place a few times throughout the different seasons but my favourite season at Canongate Kirk is the spring when the cherry blossom blooms. The top of the building has a unique shape and when the cherry blossom blooms it gives the whole scene a romantic feel.

With the cherry blossom giving the whole scene a romantic feel I also illustrated a young couple kissing under the tree. I just tried to give the whole illustration a “loved up” feeling. I always like illustrating “happiness” as I really feel like is too short to focus on depressing, horrible and cold things. I wish to bring happiness to people who see my illustrations and to hopefully put a smile on their faces.

edinburgh canongate kirk illustration

So the actual postcards print out look like the photo below: 

Edinburgh Illustration Postcards