Video Camera Illustrations

During the summer while I was exhibiting some of my prints, an Edinburgh based design agency called "The Gate Worldwide" commissioned me to create a series of video camera illustrations for them. They wanted to redecorate their new client meeting room and the centre...

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Interview with Line Digital

A few weeks ago I received an email from a senior designer, John Harfield, who works at an Edinburgh based design agency "Line Digital". He found my work through the excellent Behance network and he said he was a fan of my work and wanted to do a video interview with...

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Featured on Behance Illustration Served

It was my birthday on Sunday and the morning right after my birthday I checked my emails as usual and discovered I had received an email from Illustration Served curatorial team. Illustration Served is a website that features top work in the editorial illustration...

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Vintage Kitchen Illustrations

As a freelance illustrator I'm always thinking about two things. One is creating new interesting works and the other is making money. The former is actually quite easy, I've always got fresh ideas for creating new works but sadly don't have the time to implement these...

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Carrot Cake Recipe Illustration

In Taiwan, my home country, we don't have carrot cake. The first time I heard about carrot cake I wondered if it will taste good and it was only through coming to the UK that I got the opportunity to try it and suffice to say I absolutely love it. I'm a huge fan of...

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The Vikings Are Here

I created a whole series of marketing materials for one of the National Museum of Scotland's special exhibitions called "Vikings!" as part of a project I have been working on. As an illustrator, I always have to think about and design myself some interesting projects...

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NHS Stop Smoking Poster

This poster was created for NHS Fife for their Stop Smoking campaign. The idea behind this poster was design a poster campaign for couples who want to quit smoking. Stop smoking posters and campaigns have been done a million times before but most of their themes are...

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Roald Dahl Kiss Kiss Book Cover

Recently I was asked to do four book covers for one of Roald Dahl's short story collections called "Kiss Kiss". I chose three of my favourite stories as my book cover inspiration. These were "The Way Up To Heaven", "Royal Jelly" and "Pig". Roald Dahl isn't really...

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Illustrated Cookbook

I've always wanted to write a cook book and even more so to write an illustrated cook book and just recently I've finally had the chance to make a start on it. When I started planning this cookbook I almost immediately decided that I wanted to illustrate the stories...

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Hi, I'm Liv


Illustrator by day, home cook by night. For years I was a professional chef but now I draw and cook for myself

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