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Honorable Mention in 3×3 Magazine Competition

I remember the first time I discovered the 3x3 illustration magazine was when I was studying in college. I fell in love with this magazine instantly and I remember in the first issue I read there was an interview with Michael Slack and his art is absolutely amazing. I...

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Christmas Card Designs 2013

At the end of 2013 I was asked to design two Christmas cards. One was for a consultancy company called "First Eclipse" who are a life coaching and leadership skill development company who have worked with and helped a number of clients including the NHS, Fettes...

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Fledgling Press Book Cover Design

I was recently asked to create a book cover an upcoming book called "Boy Soldier and Beyond". I depicted boys joining the army but leaving as men as my main inspiration for this story. I focused completely on this transition as the author was a young man (boy) when he...

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Video Camera Illustrations

During the summer while I was exhibiting some of my prints, an Edinburgh based design agency called "The Gate Worldwide" commissioned me to create a series of video camera illustrations for them. They wanted to redecorate their new client meeting room and the centre...

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Interview with Line Digital

A few weeks ago I received an email from a senior designer, John Harfield, who works at an Edinburgh based design agency "Line Digital". He found my work through the excellent Behance network and he said he was a fan of my work and wanted to do a video interview with...

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Featured on Behance Illustration Served

It was my birthday on Sunday and the morning right after my birthday I checked my emails as usual and discovered I had received an email from Illustration Served curatorial team. Illustration Served is a website that features top work in the editorial illustration...

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Hi, I'm Liv


Illustrator by day, home cook by night. For years I was a professional chef but now I draw and cook for myself

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