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Taiwan Fruit Map Illustration

Taiwan, my home country, has always been known as the "Kingdom of Fruits" in Asia. So as part of a long term commission project I've been working for which I'm creating a number of illustrations depicting Taiwan, I decided to create this illustration inspired by the...

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Foodies Festival 2015 Illustrations

At the beginning of February I received a really exciting email from the managing director of a company called "The Media Company Publications" and she asked if I have interest in working with them to create a series of illustrations for "Foodies Festival" which would...

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Cute Animals Illustrations

In this post are a few animals I have illustrated for a Taiwanese Children's interactive/activity book that I have talked about elsewhere. I photographed literally dozens of different illustrations but of the animal illustrations that I created these are some of my...

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My Exhibition Opening Night

On the 5th September at Hula Cafe and Gallery I had the opening night of my exhibition and it was an evening of really mixed feelings. On the one side it's a really incredible feeling, albeit with a lot of pressure, having an exhibition of your work on display but...

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Hi, I'm Liv


Illustrator by day, home cook by night. For years I was a professional chef but now I draw and cook for myself

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